18 Jul 2017

Local campaign encouraging women to get active launches in Worksop

posted by: Maria
worksop girls can

Worksop Girls Can, a Sport Nottinghamshire initiative sprung from the nationwide This Girl Can campaign, launched on Friday 14th July at North Notts Arena. This movement is a celebration of active women who do their thing no matter how they look or how well they’re doing it.

Over 50 Worksop women came together to socialize, meet the instructors, and discover ways they can get active in their local areas. The emphasis has been on community and mutual support, so along with a taster of Zumba, Fitsteps and Fitness Yoga, there were also a quiz, goody bags, and casual chats over refreshments.

Sophie Palmer, one of the event organizers, said: “We are really pleased with the turnout of the launching party. This is the first event of its kind to take place in Worksop and it has been received with great enthusiasm.”

There is a great gender gap when it comes to exercise. The main reason women remain inactive is fear of being judged – on how they look, their physical ability, or how they choose to spend their time.

“This is just the beginning”, Sophie added, “we are looking forward to collaborate with local clubs and instructors to further empower Worksop women to overcome the various fears that are stopping them from being active.”